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Our SeriveAmazon FBA Shipping1.Service:Standard                     2. Service:Value-added 3.Services:Return                 

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Amazon FBA ShippingSea and Air Cargo Service Rates Shipping Agent Air Freight Forwarder
1.Service:Standard                     2. Service:Value-added 

3.Services:Return                      4. Service:Extended service

Standard service:It will be sent to amazon warehouses or transit centers in the United States.

value-added services 

Print Amazon label: print the corresponding label of each product according to the content requirements of Amazon FBA labels.
Agency labeling fee: Each product shall be labeled with the corresponding labels according to amazon FBA storage requirements
Packing fee: sorting and packing according to amazon warehouse requirements for the type and quantity of incoming products. 

Return services :We can provide our American company to assist in dealing with the returned parts of Amazon warehouse. Assist customers to re-operate the shipment to warehouse or other processing.Additional expenses will be charged for the relevant operation requirements arising from the actual situation.

The extension serviceTransit centers in the United States are transported to amazon warehouses in the United States Service advantages Safely transport goods from China to Amazon warehouses.Can assist to deal with customs clearance and tax issues, reduce customs clearance issues and the resulting returned parts.

Sea and Air Cargo Service Rates Shipping Agent Air Freight Forwarder

Air Shipping

With its speed, safety and punctuality, international air transportation has won a considerable market, greatly shortens the delivery time, and is characterized by speed and mobility. It is indispensable for the transportation of valuables, fresh goods and precision instruments in international trade.

Sea and Air Cargo Service Rates Shipping Agent Air Freight Forwarder

Courier Service

International express package weight is divided into actual weight and volume weight.

1. Express company charges according to the larger one in two weights; This volume weight
 (1). The international Courier DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEX package volume weight calculation method: (length x width x height) (Cm) present 5000, pay attention to the length, width and height of the unit is cm .

(2) a single international express parcel more than or equal to 68 kg/piece, must use the pallet packaging, some countries do not accept the original pallet packaging), otherwise the Courier company will refuse the goods;

2.The packaging of the goods must be strong, complete, light, and can prevent the packaging in the process of transportation break, leakage and loss of the article. The shape of the package shall be suitable for the nature, condition and weight of the cargo, and it shall be easy to carry, load, unload and stack. 

3. Goods and the packaging of animals taken under certain conditions, e.g. fresh or perishable goods, should comply with the specified requirements. For extra small express goods (such as sample), a certain volume of wood or carton packing (including packing, etc.) must be added. The total length, width and height of the whole package shall not be less than 40CM. The minimum side length must not be less than 5CM. Advanced materials in packaging bag (such as wood chips, paper) cannot be leaked. If the package of the goods does not meet the requirements of the cargo, an explanation shall be given to the shipper, who shall need to modify or repackage before loading. Special packing requirements for some goods :

4. Pianos, pottery, handicrafts and other heavy or valuable items should be packed in wooden cases.

Sea and Air Cargo Service Rates Shipping Agent Air Freight ForwarderCompany instroduction
Zehao Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd was founded in 2015 year in Shenzhen,China.We have more than 10 years in global logistic and has established facilities local fulliment in Hongkong,USA ,Canada.
We sure determine to ship your items to any destional address with a safe and timely at competitive rates and stable performance.
We also engaged in international logistic service such as air shipping and ocean freight,railway service ,courier service.We could aslo provide the warehousing,customs clearance.For our serive,we could provide principle of high efficiency ,precisenness and flexibility.We are worthy trust and built a long-term relationship with most of our clients.What we do is to do better and gain more for you.

Company Culture:Core values: gratitude, unity, integrity and pragmatism.
Company management philosophy: create, share, win-win.
Mission and vision: To build a first-class comprehensive international logistics platform.

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