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packaged heat pump type rooftop air conditioner Description:1. Air cooled rooftop air conditioner.2. Cooling capacity: 8kw to 90kw, a variety of choices.3. High external pressure.4. Applicable to residential and commercial buildings, hotels, and scientific research units, factories and enterprises and so on.packaged heat pu

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packaged heat pump type rooftop air conditioner Description:

1. Air cooled rooftop air conditioner.
2. Cooling capacity: 8kw to 90kw, a variety of choices.
3. High external pressure.
4. Applicable to residential and commercial buildings, hotels, and scientific research units, factories and enterprises and so on.

packaged heat pump type rooftop air conditioner Features:
1. It is packaged air conditioner which integrates condensing part, evaporating part & control part into a whole unit, firstly promoted & applied in South America, North Europe & Australia.

2. It is air cooled direct evaporation & expansion air conditioner, has no need on cooling water & chilled water system, dispenses with cooling tower/cooling water pump/chilled water pump,  relative pipe work, electric control & terminal equipments, saves user investment.

3. It integrates evaporating part & condensing part into a whole unit which is installed outside to save indoor space, user will only need to install the duct, no need to connect refrigerant pipe work, it works under intellectual control without special care.

Application range:
It is mainly applied to factories, schools, auditoriums, warehouses, etc.

1. Panels and frame are made from galvanized steel protected with polyester powder painting to ensure total resistance to atmospheric agents.
2. Direct expansion coils with condensate drain tray.

Hermetic compressor
1. High efficiency scroll compressor for the whole range, with built-in thermal overload cut-out and crankcase heater, mounted on rubber vibration dampers.
2. Ripple type acoustic insulation for compressor section, and thermal insulation for coil and fan section, low noise.

Centrifugal fan
1. Forward curve centrifugal fans for air treatment section and axial fans for condensation section.
2. Front, side and underside air discharge of the treatment unit.
3. High external pressure, long air supply distance.

Electric panel
1. Electric panel consists of breakers and contactors for compressors and fan motors, phase sequence relay and other necessary protection devices for the main components
2. Easy operation line controller
3. Cooling/Heating/Auto
3. Error indication
4. Timing on/off

1. Economizer with fresh, return air dampers and fresh air hood
2. Free cooling function for low ambient temperature
3. Low ambient control device for operation of outdoor units at ambient temperatures from less than 20C down to -10C
4. BMS devices
4. T3 (Tropical climate)
5. Condenser coil guard
6. Roof curb
7. Metal / aluminum filter
8. Air pressure switch for indoor fan
9. High static condenser fan option with sealed + drain condensing section
10. Optional water heating coil
11. Metal or plastic mesh on condenser coil
12. Optional supply / return air configurations
13. Upgraded evaporator fan motor drives
14. G4 filter, plate and bag filter

Rooftop AIr Conditioner ModelWRF12ZAWRF 15ZAWRF18ZAWRF24ZAWRF30ZAWRF 35ZA
Cooling capacitykW1215.217.52430.335.6
Heating capacitykW13.216.618.426.533.337.7
Energy regulation
Power380V / 3Ph / 50HZA
Cooling input capacitykW4.
Heating input capacitykW3.
Start currentA486263637476
Cooling running currentA7.49.710.
Heating running currentA6.99.29.715.120.122.2
Throttling method
Thermal expansion valve
Cooling system111122
CompressorCompressor typeHermetic scroll compressor
Condensation side
CondenserTypeCopper tube and aluminum fin
Drive typeDirect drive
Motor powerkW0.250.370.370.550.750.75
Air volumem3 /h 46007800780090001260012600
Evaporation side
EvapotatorTypeCopper tube and aluminum fin
Motor powerkW0.320.370.451.11.52.2
Air volumem3 /h210026003400410052006300
Drive typeDirect drivePulley
Static pressure(Pa)100100100200200250
FilterAluminum filter G3
Noise dB(A)676768717272
Refrigerant filling volume(kg)
External dimensionLmm141014101410197819781978
Cooling capacitykW44.550607090105
Heating capacitykW48.754.36475.496.2113.2
Energy regulation%0,33,66,1000,30,70,1000,50,1000,50,1000,33,66,1000,33,66,100
Power  380V / 3Ph / 50HZA
Cooling input capacitykW1719.522.826.732.939.7
Heating input capacitykW15.6182124.830.436.7
Start currentA168186175199197266
Cooling running currentA31.735.639.948.36170.6
Heating running currentA29.933.537.545.457.366.3
Throttling method
                                   Thermal expansion valve
Cooling system1 
CompressorCompressor typeHermetic scroll compressor   
Condensation side
CondenserTypeCopper pipe copper fin
Drive typeDirect drive
Motor powerkW1.
Air volumem3 /h165002100021000270003300042000
Evaporation side
 Qty 11111
Motor power 33445.55.5
Air volume 7600850010900125001600019500
Drive type 
Static pressure(Pa)250250300300300300
FilterAluminum filter G3
Noise dB(A)737373757475
Refrigerant filling volume(kg)4.3+4.3+8.52x7.52x8.53x7.53x8.5
External dimensionLmm226822682298229828782878
Weight 75077088096011601350

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